Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the service operating all year round?

A: The service is operating every day all year round; nevertheless due to special events in the inner city (parades, religious processions, sports or military events) the Open Bus services may be partially or totally affected.

Q: Is the route the same every day of the week?

A: No. The route is changing on Saturdays from 14.30, Sundays, on public holidays and the day before a public holiday. For further details download our map to check the red and blue itinerary.

Q: May the route or the stop order change?

A: Yes; bus stop location and/or itinerary may vary due to unforeseeable reasons beyond our control (demonstrations, impositions from local authorities, roadwork, street closures etc.) However the routing remains in the historic center of Rome and any incidental alternative itinerary is considerable and provides to visitors a comprehensive tour of Rome, moreover alternative bus stops are always close to the main tourist attractions. For any update please check our home page or ask the staff on board.

Q: How many stops are there and where are they located exactly?

    A: There are 9 stops along the tour:

  1. Termini: Largo di Villa Peretti
  2. Santa Maria Maggiore: Piazza dell'Esquilino, 15
  3. Colosseo: Via di San Gregorio
  4. Circo Massimo: Piazzale Ugo La Malfa
  5. Piazza Venezia: Via del Teatro Marcello (opposite side teatro della Cometa)
  6. Vaticano/San Pietro: Via della Conciliazione,4 (Auditorium Conciliazione)
  7. Castel Sant’Angelo/Piazza Navona: Lungotevere Tor di Nona – Piazza Ponte Sant’Angelo (corner Via del Mastro)
  8. Fontana di Trevi: Via del Tritone, 177* please see also next question
  9. Via Veneto: Via Ludovisi, 48* please see also next question
  10. Barberini: Via Barberini, 2
Please download our map to display the exact location of each stop and the attractions in the nearby.

Q: Do the 10 stops operate every day of the week?

A: No, the bus stop Trevi does not operate on Saturdays from 2.30 pm, on Sundays, on the day before a public holiday and on public holidays.

Q: How long does a complete tour last?

A: A complete tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Q: Which is the frequency at each stop?

A: There is a bus at each stop every 20/30 minutes. The estimated frequency could be delayed due to traffic conditions.

Q: At what time does the service start and when does it end?

The service always starts at 08.30 in the morning; the timetable for the end of the service changes seasonally.

For updated information related to the departure of the last complete tour at time of your stay in Rome we recommend to ask our staff on board.

Q: May I start my tour at any stop?

A: Certainly. You may start your tour wherever you prefer.

Q: What is the Hop-on Hop off formula?

A: The hop-on hop-off formula allows you to get on and off our buses at all the stops an unlimited number of times within the validity of your ticket; therefore be careful not to lose nor throw away your ticket once you get off the bus!

Q: What does 24/48/72-hrs validity means and when does it start?

A: It indicates the validity of each ticket expressed in hour format starting at time of your first boarding. Daily ticket instead is valid for the day of first use only (Until end of service). Hop-on Hop-off formula applies at all validities, Daily included.

Q: Is there any offer for children ?

A: Children aged from 0 up to 6 years are always free if they do not occupy a seat, otherwise they may purchase a Junior ticket.

Babies can access the upper deck under parent’s responsibility solely. They must be seated on the accompanying adult's lap and must have seat belt fastened; in case of injury our operator cannot be held responsible.

Q: I have a baby stroller / pushchair are they permitted on board?

A: The vehicle ramp allows the access at the lower deck only; the upper deck is not accessible to baby pushchairs and strollers which must be left at the lower deck without our staff’s supervision.

Q: Are the double decker buses accessible to wheelchairs, disabled people and/or passengers with reduced mobility?

A: Yes , the service is accessible to wheelchairs, disabled people and/or passengers with reduced mobility at the following conditions. Customers are required to have a companion for assistance in order to board unaided the vehicles (which are provided with ramps manually activated by the driver upon request). The ramp can allow the access at the lower deck only; the upper deck is not accessible to disabled passengers and to those with reduced mobility. Vehicles are allowed to accommodate 1 customer with wheelchair only due to the space available; passengers are required to use the security system together with seat belt fastened.

Q: What is meant by “Group” ?

A: A group is composed of a minimum of 15 paying people (adults and/or children).

Q: May a group obtain a reservation or pre-assigned seats

A: Not usually. Our customer care department will make any effort to satisfy your request; please send a detailed request to

Q: Will there be a commentary on board?

A: Yes individual earphones disposable are included in the service for listening a pre-recorded 13-language commentary(Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch and Arabic).

Q: Are pets allowed on board?

A: Usually only small size pets with safety muzzle and/or dogs for blind people are allowed on board; ask our staff for assistance.

Q: Do I receive the ticket after my purchase?

A: Once your purchase process will be completed you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your successful transaction; afterwards you will receive a second e-mail with attached your paper voucher. Please be aware that the ticket to travel will be handed to you on board by our staff only upon collection of the paper confirmation voucher sent by e-mail.

Q: I do not receive any e-mail after my purchase. Why?

A: There are many reasons why this might occur:

  1. Please check if the status is “Authorized” or “Not Authorized”. If the status is “Not Authorized” that means that your transaction went through unsuccessfully and that a problem occurred with your payment, then try again or use an alternative paying method. If the status is “Authorized” and you have also checked in your junk mail box please send us an e-mail to with your purchase details and we will reply shortly.
  2. Your e-mail address is invalid.
    Please check your e-mail address and/or your junk mail box sometimes the confirmation e-mail is read out as a spam message.

Q: What am I requested to submit on board at time of my first boarding?

A: At time of your first boarding is mandatory to submit your paper voucher to the operator’s staff members, who might ask you to show also a valid Id document entitled to the Lead Traveler or the credit card used to purchase the tour.

Q: I forgot to print my confirmation voucher, may I board the open bus as well?

A: We are sorry but it is mandatory to show to the operator’s staff a paper copy of the confirmation voucher otherwise they will not be able to welcome you on board.

Q: Can I just show my confirmation voucher from my smartphone to the onboard staff?

A: We are sorry but the printed copy of the confirmation voucher sent by e-mail is required on board to redeem your ticket to travel.

Q: Are tickets refundable?

A: We are sorry, once purchased tickets are final and not refundable.

Q: Is a booking required to board the buses and do I get a preassigned seat ?

A: No; unless otherwise specified, the panoramic tour is not bookable and seat are not preassigned; customers are free to board the buses at any stop upon availability within the ticket validity.

For further details please refer also to the next questions.

Q: What’s the difference between an open date and a specific day purchase?

A: By downloading our 5% coupon you have the chance to postpone your payment directly at our Visitor Centres gaining a 5% off; However the instant purchase is cheaper and you may save up to 18% depending on your preferred offer.

Q: How long is an "open date" valid after my purchase?

A: It’s valid for 1 month after your purchase, nevertheless should you need to redeem it after this deadline please contact our customer service and we will be glad to assist you.

Q: I bought a ticket for a specific date, may I change it?

A: Not on line; you may contact us by e-mail and we will make every effort to satisfy your request if possible.

Q: Do I need to re-confirm my ticket?

A: No, it is not required since your ticket is not a booking and does not entitle you to a pre-assigned seat.

Q: Why should I purchase on-line?

A: The on-line purchase ensures you a discount up to 18% depending on our on-line offer, don’t miss this opportunity.

Q: What if I do not purchase in advance?

A: Should you have any reason to postpone your payment, you may download our green coupon to ensure your saving once in Rome and obtain up to 5% discount by purchasing directly at our Visitor Centres.

Q: Are the different offers combinable?

A: Sorry, you cannot combine our offers.

Q: What is the Monday Special?

A: Are you visiting Rome on Monday? Do not miss the opportunity to save up to 12% by purchasing our Monday Special Offer! To take advantage from this offer, whatever the validity of your chosen ticket, you only need to join the panoramic tour for the first time on Monday.

Important notice: the Monday special voucher is not redeemable on board on different days therefore your first boarding must be on Monday!

Q: What is the difference between a coupon and an instant purchase?

A: By downloading our 5% coupon you have the chance to postpone your payment directly at our Visitor Centres gaining a 5% off;

However the instant purchase is cheaper and you may save up to 18% depending on your preferred offer.

Q: May I redeem my 5% off-coupon at any of your authorized resellers in Rome?

A: No sorry; our online 5% off-coupon is redeemable only at CAPITAL VISITOR CENTRES by showing it together with personal Id document of the coupon holder.

Q: What is the Special Gift Tour Coupon?

A: We take good care of our Customers! Hence we are happy to offer them a limited number of tickets for a free single tour on board our buses on specific days only. By filling the form with your details you will receive our Gift Coupon as email attachment valid for one person and on that specific day only.

The coupon is nominative, personal and not transferable, therefore you will be required to submit both paper coupon and personal Id document to board the bus. It does not entitle you to any booking nor preassigned seat but only to a free single tour with no hop-on hop-off formula upon availability, starting from any of our stops as you prefer.